Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2 days until...


Our daily Sri Lanka activities have come to a halt as we preparing to go.  Joe has finished work, the suitcases are out and we will soon be on our way!  There were a few things we didn't get to (I was a little over ambitious when I was planning this project:) but I am sure we will experience and learn about them when we reach Sri Lankan soil.

1. Have a Sri Lankan meal (my mouth is already watering...)
2. Drink Ceylon tea
3. Learn about rice and how it is grown
4. Learn about the birds of Sri Lanka

I won't be posting again until we get there but I will try and update every few days with pictures and stories... depending on the internet situation!

So good bye for now!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

8 days until...

We watched a few videos of:
(images from Wikipedia)

Kandian dancers,

 File:Kandy dancers.jpg

stilt fishing,

 File:Stilts fishermen Sri Lanka 02.jpg

Sri Lankan food,



File:Pinnawala 02.jpg

Monday, January 21, 2013

9 days until...

http://graphicssoft.about.com/library/extra/images/hangman6.gif We played hang man again...

this time to find out the full name of Sri Lanka.  Do you know what it is?

In Sinhala it is
Prajatantravadi Samajavadi Janarajaya Sri Lanka

Quite a mouthful huh?!
In English...
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Sunday, January 20, 2013

10 days until...

We spent a few days working on Sri Lanka animals for the kids scrap books.  Eli chose to learn about Leopards and Asian Water Buffalo, Micaiah chose Mugger Crocodiles and Golden Jackals and Eden made a collage of pictures of animals. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

16 days until...

Today we learned about the national flower:

File:Nil Mahanel flower Sri Lanka National Flower Nympheae Stelleta P1010746.JPG
The “Nil Mahanel” flower, botanically known as “Nympheae Stellata” was declared the National Flower of Sri Lanka on 26th February 1986.

Monday, January 14, 2013

17 days until...


Today we learned about the major religions represented in Sri Lanka.  I used this site to teach the kids about Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam and compare them to what we believe as Christians.  We also used a pie chart to depict the breakdown of religions in Sri Lanka and discussed percentages... throwing in the math!!

Buddhism - 70%
Hinduism- 15%
Islam 7.5%

Sunday, January 13, 2013

18 days until...

Today's challenge:

Have a rupee scavenger hunt. 

Well, not real rupees becasue we don't have any yet but I printed a copy of each denomination and hid them around the house for a fun hunt.  They then glued them into their scrap books.

The rupee is the currency used in Sri Lanka.  1 Bermuda Dollar is currently worth 126.68 Sri Lanka Rupees.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

19 days until...

Following on from yesterday, I taught the kids to count in Sinhala.  I learned to count to 10 the first time I went to Sri Lanka and I still remember!

So here you go... your turn to learn!

1... eka
10... dahaya

easy right!

Friday, January 11, 2013

20 days until



 That's the Sinhalese greeting in Sri Lanka.  Today we learned about the languages of Sri Lanka.  The official languages are Sinhala and Tamil and English.  I am hoping the kids will pick up some Sinhalese phrases during our time there.

sign showing Sinhalese, Tamil and English

Thursday, January 10, 2013

21 days until...

We had another math lesson today.  This time it was comparing the sizes of Sri Lanka and Bermuda.

We learned that Bermuda could fit into Sri Lanka 1,206 times!

Time is ticking!  3 weeks to go :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

22 days until...

Today we compared the populations of the world, Sri Lanka, Bermuda and Qatar (our stop over location).  This was a great math lesson.

We covered: comparisons, place value, bar graphs, estimation, rounding.

The population of the world:  7,058,529,231
Sri Lanka: 20, 869, 000
Qatar: 1, 870,041
Bermuda: 64,000

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

23 days until...

Today's challenge:  Learn about cinnamon and make a cinnamon scented craft.

I found some information on Kidipede about the history of cinnamon:

Ceylon Cinnamon SticksThe best kind of cinnamon comes originally from an island south-east of India called Sri Lanka. It's the inner bark of a small tree that grows there. There's a more common kind, that most people think isn't quite as good, that grows wild all over China and other parts of East Asia (it's the Chinese kind that we mostly get in the United States). We know that people were using cinnamon on their food at least as early as 2700 BC, when Chinese texts first mention it.
Because cinnamon doesn't grow in West Asia, Europe or Africa, people from those places imported cinnamon from India and East Asia. People in West Asia were probably using cinnamon by about 1000 BC - the Bible mentions cinnamon as one of the spices Moses used. Cooks valued cinnamon because it helps to preserve food and keep it from going bad.

We watched this video about cinnamon production in Sri Lanka:

We finished the lesson by smelling, touching and tasting both cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon and then we used the ground cinnamon to make  scented sachets.

Instructions for Cinnamon Scented Sachets

1. Decorate coffee filters with markers

2.  Fill coffee filter with ground cinnamon

3. make the coffee filter into a little pouch and use a rubber band to hold it together, keeping the contents secure.

and Voila... easy peasy!  Now you have a little sachet to make your drawer or anywhere else you choose smell cinnamon-ny!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

24 days until...


Flight plan day! The kids looked at the map and marked out our flight plan on the map in their scrapbooks.  They added up the miles between each point.

Here's what it looks like
Bermuda to  New York     762 miles
New York to Doha, Qatar 6, 701 miles
Qatar to Colombo  2, 256 miles
Total miles: 9,719

Today I asked Marcus if he was ready to go on the airplane.
His response:
"YES!  American Airlines and I'm going to drive it!"

Oh my, I hope not!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

25 days until...

Today we watched this video:

 I think the kids are getting more excited with each passing day.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

26 days until...

Today's challenge...
Have a drink of this:

Here's the results: 3 likes 3 dislikes...

I can't wait until I'm drinking it like this...

...26 more days!

Friday, January 4, 2013

27 days until...

Today's challenge: 

Colour this flag of Sri Lanka and put it in your scrap book. 
(Colouring page found  here)
  Sri Lanka coloring page

Thursday, January 3, 2013

28 days until...


Today's challenge:

Play hangman to find out the former name of Sri Lanka and guess which year the name was changed!

The name Ceylon was changed to Sri Lanka (“resplendent island”) on May 22, 1972.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

29 days until...

Where in the world are we going?

locator map of Sri Lanka
from worldatlas.com

Sri Lanka is an island nation, located off the coast of India in South Asia. Sri Lanka is bordered by the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Mannar, and the Palk Strait, which separates Sri Lanka from India. 

Today's task:
  1. Find and mark Bermuda on the map (our starting point)

  2. Find and mark Sri Lanka on the map ( our destinations

  3. Draw a line between the 2 points.

  4. Stick your map in your scrap book.

After that we looked online to find the distance between the 2 countries...

Using this site, we learned that the Distance from Bermuda to Sri Lanka is: 8862.5 Miles!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Countdown

We are homeschoolers so you know we turn everything into an opportunity to learn!  This is not just a family vacation but school in another part of the world.  In order to prepare the kids and also to have a fun way to count down the days until we leave I created a countdown chain and scrapbooks for the kids.

Every day someone will take a link off the chain and read instructions written inside.  There will be something to do, read, taste or research pertaining to Sri Lanka. The kids will have a chance to start putting information into their scrapbooks which they will also take with them to document their adventures.  Hopefully we will have fun, learn lots and avoid the the inevitable questions  of "how many days until we leave? " or "Are we going today?"

How many days till we leave?  30 days!!

Elephant's, Monkeys and an Awesome Blessing!

I guess this first post should explain the purpose of this blog... and the title!  We have been given the awesome opportunity as a family to travel to Sri Lanka... the country of my mother's birth.  We are overwhelmed by the way God has blessed us as we never dreamed this would really happen.  We will be traveling half way around the world, staying for a month and hopefully will explore the treasures of this beautiful land.  The last time I was there was 13 years ago and from what I have seen through pictures and heard from friends, it has changed..A LOT!  I am so excited for my husband to see the country I fell in love with on my first visit at the age of 12,  and excited for my kids to learn a little about their heritage.  Making it more special is that my parents will be there too.  The kids will get to spend time with Ma in the country of her birth.

So what's this about elephants and monkeys?

We have been talking about Sri Lanka for a couple of months now... even before we were sure this trip would happen.  I was telling the kids how I rode an elephant the last time I was there and how we would be able to when we go to Sri Lanka.  This was met with varying levels of enthusiasm, but the funniest response was from the 2 year old who exclaimed "I want to ride a MONKEY!"

Join us as we countdown the days till our journey and then come along with us as we share pictures and stories of our adventure... which may include elephants and monkeys, who knows?! ;)

30 days to go!!