Tuesday, January 8, 2013

23 days until...

Today's challenge:  Learn about cinnamon and make a cinnamon scented craft.

I found some information on Kidipede about the history of cinnamon:

Ceylon Cinnamon SticksThe best kind of cinnamon comes originally from an island south-east of India called Sri Lanka. It's the inner bark of a small tree that grows there. There's a more common kind, that most people think isn't quite as good, that grows wild all over China and other parts of East Asia (it's the Chinese kind that we mostly get in the United States). We know that people were using cinnamon on their food at least as early as 2700 BC, when Chinese texts first mention it.
Because cinnamon doesn't grow in West Asia, Europe or Africa, people from those places imported cinnamon from India and East Asia. People in West Asia were probably using cinnamon by about 1000 BC - the Bible mentions cinnamon as one of the spices Moses used. Cooks valued cinnamon because it helps to preserve food and keep it from going bad.

We watched this video about cinnamon production in Sri Lanka:

We finished the lesson by smelling, touching and tasting both cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon and then we used the ground cinnamon to make  scented sachets.

Instructions for Cinnamon Scented Sachets

1. Decorate coffee filters with markers

2.  Fill coffee filter with ground cinnamon

3. make the coffee filter into a little pouch and use a rubber band to hold it together, keeping the contents secure.

and Voila... easy peasy!  Now you have a little sachet to make your drawer or anywhere else you choose smell cinnamon-ny!!

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