Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Elephant's, Monkeys and an Awesome Blessing!

I guess this first post should explain the purpose of this blog... and the title!  We have been given the awesome opportunity as a family to travel to Sri Lanka... the country of my mother's birth.  We are overwhelmed by the way God has blessed us as we never dreamed this would really happen.  We will be traveling half way around the world, staying for a month and hopefully will explore the treasures of this beautiful land.  The last time I was there was 13 years ago and from what I have seen through pictures and heard from friends, it has changed..A LOT!  I am so excited for my husband to see the country I fell in love with on my first visit at the age of 12,  and excited for my kids to learn a little about their heritage.  Making it more special is that my parents will be there too.  The kids will get to spend time with Ma in the country of her birth.

So what's this about elephants and monkeys?

We have been talking about Sri Lanka for a couple of months now... even before we were sure this trip would happen.  I was telling the kids how I rode an elephant the last time I was there and how we would be able to when we go to Sri Lanka.  This was met with varying levels of enthusiasm, but the funniest response was from the 2 year old who exclaimed "I want to ride a MONKEY!"

Join us as we countdown the days till our journey and then come along with us as we share pictures and stories of our adventure... which may include elephants and monkeys, who knows?! ;)

30 days to go!!

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