Sunday, February 10, 2013

A week already?!

Can you believe we have been here a week?

It has taken us most of this first week to adjust to the time, the foods, the schedule.  The kids have been doing well.  Marcus is finally sleeping past 4 am :)  Micaiah is feeling better after a horrible stomach bug he and Joe picked up. Eden and Eli are their normal bubbly selves, especially in the pool!

Here are some photos of our week...

checking out the fish pond near our apartment

We took a walk around Beira Lake near by our apartment

Pelicans on the lake

paddle boats to explore the lake

this cable bridge takes you to a park area in the middle of the lake.

a view of a Buddhist Temple from the park.

taking a walk  through a model village at the hotel... there is a separate blog post about that!

Cheers Kids Club at the Cinnamon Grand hotel which is next door to us.

Marcus trying Thambili - King Coconut water

We all went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant at the Taj Samudra Hotel.

Micaiah trying Sri Lankan hoppers for breakfast (pancake like breads that you eat with curry)

my Sri Lankan breakfast.. yum!!

even better with my fingers :)
loving the pool

Marcus thinking he's a big kid!

hanging out by the pool

a beautiful sunset

a view from our apartment
It was a relaxing, slow week. Tomorrow we leave for a 5 day tour north of the city... stay tuned for reports of our adventures!


  1. Loving the updates and pictures. So informative. Can't wait to see more. Safe journeys. -Robyn

  2. I love reading this blog! Thanks for sharing and continue to enjoy your trip! Your mom looks as if she is enjoying it too!