Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Journey

A day later than we expected, fully rested and even more excited,  we began our journey to Sri Lanka.

Our first flight was a short one to JFK and we had a few  hours to wander around the airport and wait for our next flight.

 Our flight to Qatar took about 12 hours which surprisingly went by faster than we expected,  Shortly after takeoff they served us dinner and the kids went to sleep almost immediately (they had fun checking out the in flight entertainment first.)

 Before we knew it the sun was up and breakfast was being served.  A couple hours later we landed at Doha International Airport in Qatar.

The highlight of out 6 hour layout there was the play area we found.  It was great for the kids to get some exercise and expend some energy.

After a 5 hour flight we landed on Sri Lankan soil.  We were weary but excited to be here!

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