Monday, February 11, 2013

Golden Statues, caves and lots of rain

Our journey continued to Dambulla where we found a massive golden statue of Buddha and also the best preserved cave temple in Sri Lanka.  It is a popular tourist attraction and a UNESCO World heritage site.  Unfortunately it was raining so did a really fast climb and even faster tour of the cave.  We saw a couple of brave monkeys on our way up who were not bothered about getting wet which was a treat for the kids. (There are normally monkeys all along the path and around the temple.)

                              The Golden Temple at the base of the hill before the cave temple.

It was drizzling as we began our climb to the top.
the view from the top was amazing!

The rock temple is a series of 5 caves carved out of a huge rock, the first one dating back to the 1st century BC.  It served as a hiding place for an ancient king.  Each cave has been ornately decorated over the centuries by many kings. 

some of the paintings on the walls and ceiling date back to the 15th Century

many of the statues date back to the 12th Century

We were soaking wet and tired by the time we reached our van but it was a worthwhile experience!

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